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Anchor Motorbike Training CBT Info


Course Format

The course starts with an explanation of what’s involved and what you will learn in the day. This includes a discussion on the correct type of safety clothing, helmets to wear, the Highway Code and how to carry out basic maintenance checks on your machine.

You will then spend at least a couple of hours in our safe off road training facility learning how to pull away, stop correctly, demonstrate emergency stops, change gear and corner. You will then spend a minimum of at least two hours out on the road. This is structured on-road tuition to reinforce and expand your newly acquired skills. If you are competent and show the instructor that you can ride in a safe and proficient manner you will then receive your DL196 certificate.

Please make sure that you have your driving licence. Both the Photocard and D740 paper counterpart.

If you have a full UK car licence, your provisional motorcycle entitlement, category A, will only be on the paper counterpart, the D740. If category A is not on your licence, you must first apply to D.V.L.A for a new licence before being allowed to ride or train on a motorcycle.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to the CBT
  • Explanation of the course format.
  • Driving Licence and eyesight check
  • Module A - The aims of the course

  • The need for correct/protective clothing
  • Safety helmets
  • Module B – Introduction to your bike

  • Explanation of the bike controls
  • Guidance on basic machine maintenance, with special emphasis on safety.
  • Module C – Learning to ride

  • Pulling away and stopping smoothly
  • Correct Observations
  • Changing gears - up and down
  • Controlled and Emergency Stops
  • Slow Control
  • U-Turns
  • Figure of Eight
  • Simulated Left and Right Turns
  • We appreciate that everyone learns at a different pace and at this point some pupils may not feel ready for the road ride. On occasions your instructor may decide that you need further training before you are competent to complete the course. If this is the case, your instructor will discuss this with you and arrange for further training at a later date.

    Module D – Road Safety (Classroom Based)

  • How to ride on the road safely
  • The Highway Code
  • Dealing with roundabouts